ABC KEC takes pride in providing you with the premier kitchen exhaust maintenance services available. Each time, every time. We are always on time and never miss an appointment. We also track and book your next cleaning on Scheduled so you don't have to worry.

Our highly trained and highly certified Technicians lead the industry with the best in grease removal equipment and supplies along with the ultimate in kitchen exhaust maintenance techniques. We ensure that your kitchen exhaust system is as fully stripped of grease and carbon possible from Roof-Top to Cook-Top. 

If there is something inaccessible or not to code, our technician are trained in resolving these issue including cutting UL Listed access panels into Duct-work, install UL Listed hinge kits to you exhaust fans, replacing broken/missing filters for cost, among many other issues which means you won't have to hire another company to bring you Establishment up to code! Which will save you time, money and hassle.

We make sure that you are getting the best possible Maintenance and our service calls are always done the right way, the first time, and Every time to ensure your kitchen always meets Fire and Health code compliance. 

We adhering to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96 2011, and all other local codes and requirements. We provide full fire prevention of your commercial cooking operations. 



Unlike other company's all are teams and technicians are certified and licensed in every certifications on this page.


IKECA Certified

IKECA Certifications gives kitchen exhaust professionals an edge, in this highly competitive business. Our certifications set the industry standard of knowledge, and increases worker professionalism in the field. An IKECA certification next to your title shows a dedication to success, helps increase your potential for a better salary, and provides recognition throughout the kitchen exhaust industry.

More and more, jurisdictions are requiring certification for job bids and all workers on a crew. Now is the time to show your customers that you are one of the best in the industry and take advantage of one of the most powerful member benefits IKECA has to offer.

IKECA offers three internationally recognized certifications, which demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the codes and standards pertinent to the industry. In addition, all certified staff are required to sign a Code of Conduct to help ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics, and complete Continuing Education to maintain their certification.

Winnipeg Fire Department Certified


The city of Winnipeg requires all exhaust cleaners and inspectors to be licensed as service person through the Winnipeg fire department fire protection branch we follow and keep up to date with the bylaws. 


POST Certified

The POST program outlines the responsibilities of the Owners, Supervisors and Workers on a petroleum site.

This specific orientation session focuses on the Supervisors and Workers. The program outlines the required safety documentation on petroleum sites to ensure the safety of all workers.

Full Safety Training


All our technicians are continuously up-to-date in all safety training, handle by third party safety training programs, which then are integrated seamlessly with our company's established work flow.

We have an aggressive and constantly growing list of courses, procedures and policies in every possible field and condition we come across on our job sites meaning we get the jobs down safer, more efficient, and being able to face any obstacles that most other company's can't.

This also means when our technicians have to follow your work site safety programs, we handle it with grace and complete understanding as they have done it all before. This means faster and safer integration into your work site.